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Added draft chapters of my book “Doing Link Budgets”

Please find first two chapters of my book here. Your comments are most welcome.

Locus of control and getting annoyed at being reminded

I often find myself annoyed when a family member asks me to do something or reminds once too often to attend to the same thing. My husband and I do a lot of traveling together in Europe. He walks fast,

Kiev – Ukraine, May 16-18, 2019

I gave a masterclass on Fourier Analysis based on my book at the National Aviation University in Kiev, Ukraine this last week. This is a 5000 student university in this beautiful, grand city full of young people. The city Kiev

This woman in tech and all that

In 1964, I was a young girl living in Varanasi, India. My father owned a business in the town, across from a movie studio called Prakash Talkies. The movie place always had gigantic posters of garishly pained actresses with gigantic

A well done book on General DSP by Richard Tervo

One can get a pretty good feeling about a book by just flipping a few pages. And this book passed the flip test immediately! First of all, I want to say that I love this book and the way the

Why I Wrote My “Understanding Digital Signal Processing” Book

Why I Wrote My “Understanding Digital Signal Processing” Book by Richard Lyons Some time ago Charan asked me what events led me to write my “Understanding Digital Signal Processing” book? For Charan, and in case anyone else is interested, here’s

Understanding Digital Signal Processing by Richard Lyons

In every field there are books that just stand apart. They are so well written that they change your opinion about the subject. In fact, with most mathematical ideas if you understand them well, they no longer seem tedious, or

MIMO tutorial at last

I have post a completed version of the MIMO tutorial on

Talk tonight at Cal Poly, San Luis Obsipo Aerospace Engineering Graduation Banquet

I am giving a talk tonight at Cal Poly, San Luis Obsipo Aerospace Engineering Graduation Banquet. It is taking place at the same restaurant where I had my graduation so many years ago, Madonna Inn. Why was I invited to