Chapter 5 – Discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT) of aperiodic and periodic signals

Chapter 5 from book – Intuitive Guide to Fourier Analysis

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8 comments on “Chapter 5 – Discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT) of aperiodic and periodic signals
  1. sangram kesharee pradhan says:

    your tutorial helped me very much. A lot of fundamental ideas i got from here which i had not got from my teacher. Thank you

  2. Lalan says:

    Great site! …extremely useful information. Thx. Lalan

  3. sunil lonare says:

    hey, i am not able to see this tutorial it says file is damaged & could not be repair can u send me on my email or plase upload it once again

  4. Marijo Nizetic says:

    Concise, but wrong written material about trellis details, in document named: 120 Convolutional coding and Modulation.pdf

  5. Oluwole Oyetoke says:

    Your tutorials are really awesome, i must confess. They have really been my guiding light so far on my project.

    Please i would like to ask for your recommendation as to hat sampling rate you would recommend me to use for a 8hz square wave. I used 2048 samples, and got the result you referred to as been caused by oversampling in your tutorial. What do you suggest I use. Thanks

    • Profile photo of Charan L. Charan L. says:

      In most case 8 to 16 times the max signal frequency is good enough for sampling rate.

      So if your square pulse is at 8 Hz, then 8×16 = 128 is more than enough.
      Even 64 Hz would be fine.


  6. Mike Kloos says:

    Great site! Just wanted to point out an error in chapter 5 DTFT – figure 5.2d is incorrect. The x axis labels show repeating spectrum at pi, -pi and it should be 2pi, -2pi, etc. Should be periodic on 2PI but the fig d shows periodic on pi. Otherwise, great writeup.

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