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Understanding Digital Signal Processing by Richard Lyons

In every field there are books that just stand apart. They are so well written that they change your opinion about the subject. In fact, with most mathematical ideas if you understand them well, they no longer seem tedious, or

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Folding and Aliasing

Here is an java applet which lets you see the effect of sampling frequency and reconstruction of the signal. The signal is sampled, then goes through a low pass. You will see here what happens when sampling frequency is not

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New look

In coming to this new format, I had to leave behind the board which has over 2000 members. There were quite a lot of people on it and I am sorry that it will not be accessible any more. However,

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Discrete-time Fourier Series and Fourier Transform

I have posted part 3 of the FFT tutorial at starts with the development of discrete signals, their properties, periodicity of discrete signals, finding a set of basis harmonics and then finally the Discrete-time Fourier Transform. The tutorial also

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Fourier Made easy part 2 – new version uploaded

I have uploaded a new version of the Fourier Made Easy part 2 tutorial. In this version, I have included more examples as well as Matlab code to plot some of the key pictures.  I get requests to include code,

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Video that explains the complex exponential

While writing the second part of the Fourier tutorial, I came across this video which does a great job of explaining the complex exponential, its relationship to sinusoids and hence to the reason why signal processing math is done with

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Fourier tutorial part 1 – updated

I am going through my old material and am updating it. I have just uploaded FFT Part 1 after changing it in many places. If you have comments on this tutorial (any including typos!), please post them here. Charan

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Thanks to The Mathworks

The Mathworks company has just provided me a complementary copy of Matlab out of their “Author” program. So I want to take this space to thank them. For may of the demonstrations in my tutorials on and where I

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MIMO at last

I have posted the final (nearly so) version of my MIMO tutorial. It took a while. In the writing of this paper, I relied heavily on a few books and papers. The three books I often found myself thumbing

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MIMO tutorial at last

I have post a completed version of the MIMO tutorial on

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