Intuitive Guide to Fourier Analysis and Spectral Estimation book


The Intuitive Guide to Fourier Analysis and Spectral Estimation
with Matlab
For science and engineering students and practicing engineers
Hardcover, 320 pages, printed in color, available now.

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11 comments on “Intuitive Guide to Fourier Analysis and Spectral Estimation book
  1. Profile photo of Charan L. Charan L. says:

    Post comments, questions here. Thank you and please post a review of my book on Amazon (only if you like it!)

  2. Ramakrishna says:

    maam, how can i get this book?
    Is there any online seller who sell these books?
    Explanation is very good maaam, thank you for helping

  3. Ramakrishna says:

    very good explanation maam!

  4. Muhammad says:

    Respected author

    You have done an excellent job by providing a masterpiece of work in the form of Intuitive Guide to Fourier Analysis and Spectral Estimation book. It is really an excellent text on the claimed topic.

    Wonderful explanation with beautiful figures. Simply beautiful. Waiting for more such useful text in future. Keep it up.

    • Profile photo of Charan L. Charan L. says:

      So very touching of you to say that. I am humbled by it! Thank you.
      I hope you purchased the book on Amazon. In Kindle it is quite inexpensive.
      Thank you very much again for your kind words – Charan

  5. David Morley says:

    I have read enough of your tutorials to know that your book will be excellent but you need to add a link to places that sell it. 🙂
    Thank you for providing Matlab to go with it. For anyone who doesn’t have or can’t afford Matlab, Scilab is an open source alternative that can run all Matlab code. This is a link to it
    Freemat is another Malab clone but I don’t know as much about it (

  6. John says:

    Any chance of getting the answers to the book questions?

    Also, will there be an update to the ebook if you’ve already purchased?

    Great book so far…love it.

    • Profile photo of Charan L. Charan L. says:

      Since the book is being used as a text book, I am asked not to provide the answers on the open forum. The questions are actually designed to be pretty simple. Perhaps, I will create a page, where students can post their answers.

      Thanks a bunch for letting me know, you liked the book. I have looked into how to provide update to the Kindle eBook but really can not figure out a way to do that. Amazon does not offer updates of Kindle eBooks. I wish they would let you download the latest version.

      Thanks again,

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