Announcing release of our book – Intuitive Guide to Fourier Analysis and Spectral Estimation

Announcing publication of

The Intuitive Guide to
Fourier Analysis and Spectral Estimation
with Matlab
Charan Langton and Victor Levin
For science and engineering students and practicing engineers
Sample Chapters
Available at as color eBook to be read on your PC or Ipad. 
320 pages

fft book cover

Print hardcover version will be available Dec 2016
For Matlab code – Please check back. Site currently in construction.
Questions and Answers – Please check back. Site currently in construction.

6 Comments on “Announcing release of our book – Intuitive Guide to Fourier Analysis and Spectral Estimation

  1. Hi Charan Langton and Victor Levin
    Read the sample chapter and it is a great book.
    I will wait for the print version to be published will it be in colour or black and white.


  2. It is now January 2017 and Amazon still does not list a hard-copy (print version) for sale. Is there a new date for availability of the printed version?
    Larry Jubb

  3. I have a comment on FFTChapter6, equations 6.1, 6.2. and 6.3.

    Given the definition 6.2, then 6.3 is always 0.

    I think you really meant

    lambda_f = 2*PI/N=tau/N
    lambda_k = lambda_f*k

  4. First of all, I am a great admirer of your website. So when I found out you wrote a book on Fourier Analysis I knew I had to buy your ebook. However there is a HUGE!!! problem with your ebook. It won’t open on the Amazon cloud reader!!! It can only open on a single kindle device or on a phone/tablet containing the kindle app. As of now, you are the only Amazon ebook in my 239 ebook collection that won’t open on the amazon cloud reader. Can you PLEASE make your book available on the amazon cloud so it can be properly studied and read by anyone, anywhere, on any device in the world? I myself read technical ebooks on my laptop when I travel or on my desktops when I need larger viewing screens for charts and equations and a desk to write on. This is only possible because of the amazon cloud reader.

    Also, when will you be printing a hard copy of your book? I would love to own both a digital and a hard copy of your work. Thanks.


    • The print copy should be out by end of April 2017. About the eBook, unfortunately I don’t control what devices it will work on, Amazon does that. I will look further into this issue but right now I dont know as I can help much.