MIMO at last

I have posted the final (nearly so) version of my MIMO tutorial.


It took a while. In the writing of this paper, I relied heavily on a few books and papers. The three books I often found myself thumbing through, in order are: Wireless Communications by Andrea Goldsmith, Fundamentals of Wireless Communications by D. Tse and P. Viswanath and Digital Communications by Proakis, 5th Edition. The examples used in this paper are inspired by the Andrea Goldsmith book, the one I consider the best. She has a lot of examples in her book which truly help with understanding.

The other three books that I also found helpful were: Digital Communications by Barry, Less and Messerschmitt, Introduction to Space-Time Wireless Communications by Paulraj, Nabar and Gore and MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communications with Matlab book by Yong Soo-Cho, and Won Young Yan. I used the Matlab code in this book to create some of the graphs.

With papers, the one I read several times was by Gesbert’s and the one by Foschini. I read many others but these two standout. Agilent also has an excellent tutorial online. And of course the David Tse video lectures are fantastic. (See link below) He is quite funny! IEEE also has an audio lecture that is excellent.


It took me a while to get all my ideas together and I read many papers and checked nearly all the books written on the topic. While writing about these, I often could not figure out who the original source was. This is not good as I do want to credit to whom it is is due. If you the reader feel that I have not properly credited you or someone else in this paper, please do let me know.

In writing, Bernard wrote the first draft and then I added and subtracted from it. We are to do a book for Prentice Hall but the schedule is all gone out the window now. Hopefully it happens to other authors too.

The MIMO paper is now nearly 50 pages long but it is still lacking in many areas. I was not able to cover STC decoding, nor the code performance issues. The section on multi-user is also short. But I hope that what is here will help illuminate the topic and get you started.

Charan Langton

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  1. Actually I combined both Part I and Part II in one, which is now on the site. Is there a particular part of MIMO you are interested in

  2. Hey,
    I find your tutorials very useful, especially intro to OFDM and MIMO is very nicely presented with minimum math . Thank you very much for these tutorials