Tutorial 17 – Frequency Modulation (FM), FSK, MSK and more

Description: Frequency Modulation (FM), FSK, MSK and more

Download: fm.pdf

8 Comments on “Tutorial 17 – Frequency Modulation (FM), FSK, MSK and more

  1. Great tutorial. I’m trying to understand more with this tutorial. Can you explain a little further how you got equation 14 (Maybe, I need to find out where Ref. 1 is) and I don’t see how you substituted those equations into equation 13 to get equation 15.

    Also, I’m having a hard time understanding how you got modulation index of 15 on page 12 with the FM signal FCC example. How you got 5 to be the denominator?

    Thanks you!

    • In Fig. 6, the integrator and differentiator blocks are reversed. The description above is correct. The description in the caption matches the figure which is incorrect.

  2. Thanks for your great tutorial. I jusy have one question. I want to implement baseband FM with output of I and Q. How can I do this? I want to implement Stereo FM transmitter. If I use FSK, Do the analog receivers able to demod it?

    Best Regards,

    • FSK is a digital modulation. Not sure what you mean by analog receiver.
      If the receiver is setup for FSK then I don’t see any problem getting out the I and Q channels.

      • Hi. Thanks for reply. I mean I want to design digital stereo FM for broadcasting. Analog receiver I mean radio of the car which I know they are are not support FSK. So if I want to implement conventional FM with I and Q output what can I do? If you know any references please let me know.

  3. I am grateful to you for all tutorials that I advise always to my colleagues.
    It is art of disclosure, also my passion.
    A question: I find few literature related to Costas Loop;
    I did some tests circuits FPGA based, do you know tutorial or application notes
    for better knowledge?
    Thanks in advance

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