Tutorial 24b – The MAP decoding algorithm, step-by-step Part 2

Description: The MAP decoding algorithm, step-by-step Part 2

Download: turbo2.pdf

5 Comments on “Tutorial 24b – The MAP decoding algorithm, step-by-step Part 2

  1. Respected maam,
    Kindly please elaborate how full branch metrics have been calculated in table 7….when I am using the equation to find them…then they are coming different….I m not able to figure out where I am getting wrong….Please reply as soon as possible….

    Thanks and regards

  2. Charan,

    I have the same request as Mudita, could you elaborate on table 7, and also possibly table 9? I have tried for a long time to get the same calculation but I cannot understand how to calculate them.
    I have found that equation 3 works for the state changes in figure 7, but not for the tables, as if they are indexed differently somehow.

    Again the request us that a sample calculation be provided for the tables 7 and 9,


  3. Excellent tutorial, one of the few that actually walks through how to apply the equations in a real scenario. In regards to the other comments about the branch metrics being incorrect, I agree.

    She has the correct calculations in the companion worksheet. They must have been transcribed incorrectly into the PDF table.

    Thanks Charan!

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