Tutorial 26 – All my filters – Analog, Digital and Adaptive

Description: All my filters – Analog, Digital and Adaptive

Download: filters.pdf

8 comments on “Tutorial 26 – All my filters – Analog, Digital and Adaptive
  1. Ivar KJELBERG says:

    For private training

  2. Haymnoof says:

    Many thanks for your helpful notes. I learnt a lot from it.

  3. Oluwole Oyetoke says:

    I have the FFT of my ideal filter impulse response and the FFT of my sampled baseband signal. Wha do i do next, in order to filter? Should i multiply the imaginary parts of the FFTs together and then plot in time domain?

  4. Dawoud Khalifa says:

    Thanks for your well explained tutorials.
    I would really appreciate it if you update the PDF file so I can use annotation tools in it, since I like to mark and add notes here and there in the file so I can find them later.
    That would be of a great help to me.

  5. Yatender says:

    Great mam… great work done by you. It is helping me learning my weakest part.

  6. Hugh B says:

    Hi Charan, Thanks for the great tutorials. In the “All my filters” tutorial, on page 2, you say “Writing the transfer function for the filter in Fig. 6.4.1” … but where is Fig. 6.4.1 ? Perhaps it was in an earlier tutorial, forgive me if I’m missing something obvious!
    I’m in the UK and currently studying for a B-ENG in Electronic Systems Engineering. The Phase locked Tutorials fitted in really well. Thanks.

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