Tutorial 3 – DVB-S standard, a simplified version

Description: DVB-S standard, a simplified version

Download: tdvbs.pdf

5 comments on “Tutorial 3 – DVB-S standard, a simplified version
  1. Camuano Monteiro says:

    The site is well done and the subjects are very well construted.

  2. I really enjoyed the simplicity and fun part of your writing style. I re-learnt a lot of things about DSP.

  3. Chuck Sampson says:

    Thank you for posting these in-depth, intuitive tutorials. As an experienced engineer I have used them as a refresher for maintaining my understanding of these fundamentals I still use today. You have a unique way of explaining recondite material and making abstract concepts more concrete without losing any meaning or over-simplifying. It looks as though you have the makings of a classic book on communications. I hope you consider writing one.

    • Charan L. says:


      Thank you so very much.
      Really appreciate your kind words. I am glad the material is helpful.
      I enjoy writing these but going is slow.
      Thanks again,


  4. ouyang says:

    there is a typing error in the second line of the last paragraph:
    “… but if link deterioratesm le’ts say due to rain fade…”.
    it should be “deterioratesm” and “let’s”.

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