6 Comments on “Chapter 3 – Discrete Time Fourier Series

  1. Very Nice job, I am from Argentina, and I am studying Fourier.
    This job of great help to understand Fourier
    Many Thanks

  2. I’m a younger telecommunications engineer and i’m new on this page and will like to be coorperative in this domain. Thank you

  3. after this book I am going to love Fourier forever.
    Thank Charan.
    Also, I wanted to try asking “can I get a copy of the full book?” by you.

    • Thank you, Anupam. The book is now owned by Springer and so I cannot send you an electronic copy.
      The Kindle version is quite inexpensive right now. Also I think Amazon has the physical book for a big discount right now.
      I am sure they sell it in India.
      Keep reading!

      • Hi Charan, I am thankful for your reply.
        When will be a new edition released where these errors will be taken into account?
        Also on lighter note, I do want to mention that book cost 18.5K INR for a hard copy in India, which is almost half of my month’s savings.

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